Mahua Tea

Dried Mahua flowers with an addition of Spiced Jaggery Powder is a very good alternative of tea and caffeine consumption. It is a healthy option of tea especially for IT sector human resource.

Boosts haemoglobin, beneficial in gastric ailments and headache

Dried Mahua flowers

Spiced Jaggery Powder

Unlike the jaggery which is available in markets in a big solid form, Bastar Foods brings out Spiced Jaggery powder in a dehydrated form. Being dehydrated, it would not dissolve. Easy to carry and easy to use, with spices in it, the taste of it is enhanced.

Highly nutritious due to the addition of dry fruits and spices which are very beneficial in cold. It can be consumed with tea, kadha, milk with no requirements of extra ingredients. It is a very good alternative for desserts.

Jaggery, Spices

Mahua Ladoo

Mahua holds a major importance in tribal culture. Hence taking it from their daily life, it has been designed in the form of Mahua Ladoo.

 Haemoglobin increases rapidly, malnutrition in children and hormonal imbalance in females can be sort out, beneficial in fatigue, helps to ease headache and increases appetite.

Dried Mahua flowers, Spices, Dry fruits, Ghee , Jaggery in the form of sweetener

Mahua cookies

A healthy snacks with nutritional value, Mahua Cookies are the best alternative for Maida cookies and biscuits.

Rich in iron, calcium, protein, Mahua Cookies is a perfect tasty, crispy snacks

Flour of dried Mahua flowers, Dark chocolate, Home-made butter

Energy Bar

The best option of energy lap for travelers and workaholics. Energy Bar gives the instant boost of energy with a good taste of dry fruits.

Easy to carry and consumed anytime, anywhere, Energy Bar is a locally produced energy booster with low calories.

Cashew pieces, Peanuts, Jaggery, Dried Mahua flowers.

Honey Mixed Nuts

Multi-flora wild honey directly procured from the dense forests of South Chhattisgarh, with no adulteration, mixed with nuts and spices, Honey Mixed Nuts is a nutritious substitute for sweets.

Wild Honey has been processed to increase shelf life. Rich in iron, protein, calcium, fiber and trace amounts of Vit C, Honey Mixed Nuts is a good solution for constipation, bloating and enhances appetite.

Wild Honey, Nuts – Cashew, Almonds, Peanuts, Chironji (Calumpang nuts), Dry dates, Spices like Harra, Baheda

Plain Jaggery Powder

Unlike the jaggery which is available in markets in a big solid form, Bastar Foods brings out Plain Jaggery powder in a dehydrated form. Being dehydrated, it would not dissolve.

Locally produced jaggery brought to you without any adulteration. It can be consumed with tea, kadha, milk.


Wild Honey

Organic honey collected from the forests of South Chhattisgarh is a perfect blend of sweetness from the multiple pollen grains of variety of flowers of the wild.

Wild Honey is cleaned by a basic process and filtration is done to remove unwanted micro organisms which ferment the honey. Rich in medicinal properties, it is a gift

Multi-flora Honey

Imly Chilly Sauce

Tamarind from the largest market of Asia is procured to make this tangy spicy Imly Chilly Sauce. A good combo with snacks like Samosa, Finger fries, Kachori, Idli etc.

Tamarind pulp of the locally produced varieties with a combination of chillies, spices and sweetness of sugar.

Tamarind pulp, Chilly, Sugar, Spices

Amchur Powder

The dense forests of South Chhattisgarh have plenty of local varieties of mangoes. With a focus on the spices specialization by the indigenous communities, women are directly involved in processing the dried raw mango into powdered form.

Pure natural product with sourness of raw mangoes

Dried raw mango in powdered form

Dheki Rice

Dheki (Hand-pounded) rice varieties are processed by the traditional method and have the aroma and organic taste. Dheki rice brought from the tribal lands of South Chhattisgarh has only the husk removed, thus keeping the nutritional value intact, unlike polished rice available in markets.

Naturally cleaned and rich in protein, fiber, iron, zinc

Dheki (Hand-pounded) rice varieties


Daliya (porridge) is a combination of locally produced ingredients grown organically using cow dung or organic fertilisers.

Perfect for consumption by 6 months to adults. Rich in fiber, protein, calcium, iron, Daliya provides good nutrients to the body. It helps in proper growth of babies. Being easily digestible, easy to cook and carry, Daliya is the desi porridge substitute.

Rice, Sago (sabudana), Pulses, Ajwain in crushed form.

Kutki Cookies

One of the most valuable small millets, Kutki has been designed in the form of cookies to offer a health conscious option. Kutki Cookies is the extension of bakery section by the indigenous communities of Bastar.

Nutritious and a option for diabetic patients and health conscious people.

A type of small millets from the group of Kodo, Kutki, Kosra as the main ingredient

Ragi Cookies

Millet ragi has been designed in the form of cookies, apart from its consumption in the form of porridge. A very health conscious alternative, Ragi Cookies is another product in the bakery section by the indigenous communities of Bastar.

It contains high iron content, very nutritious, a good alternative of cookies for diabetic patients and also high blood pressure patients.

Ragi, Jaggery, Home-made butter


The tuber (rizome) of Tikhur has been processed in the form of flour and consumed in the form of organic cold drinks and sweets.

It helps in bad cholesterol control and also removes toxins out of the body.

Flour of tuber Tikhur


Spiced Cashew Nuts

Collected from the forests of South Chhattisgarh, local cashew are roasted in ghee with amchur powder and spices to enhance the flavor. Spiced Cashew Nuts are a good snacks option.

Easily digestible, being roasted in ghee does not burden heart unlike roasted cashew available in market

Local Cashew, Spices, Ghee, Amchur Powder

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