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At Bastar Food Firm, we bring you the finest selection of food products from the culturally rich region of Bastar. With a focus on quality, nutrition, and sustainability, we are committed to delivering a delightful culinary experience right to your doorstep.

Why Choose Bastar Food Firm?

Nutritious and Chemical-Free

Our focus is on developing new food products that are not only delicious but also free from harmful chemicals.

Authenticity and Quality

We take pride in delivering products that are authentic, of the highest quality, and representative of the rich cultural heritage of Bastar.

Collaboration with Tribals

We aim to bridge the gap between consumers and the local food community by showcasing the diverse food culture of Bastar..

Environmental Responsibility

We are committed to protecting the environment and promoting sustainable practices throughout our operations.

Trending Products

Mahua Tea

Dried Mahua flowers with an addition of Spiced Jaggery Powder is a very good alternative of tea and caffeine consumption. It is a healthy option of tea especially for IT sector human resource.

Boosts haemoglobin, beneficial in gastric ailments and headache

Dried Mahua flowers

Mahua Ladoo

Mahua holds a major importance in tribal culture. Hence taking it from their daily life, it has been designed in the form of Mahua Ladoo.

 Haemoglobin increases rapidly, malnutrition in children and hormonal imbalance in females can be sort out, beneficial in fatigue, helps to ease headache and increases appetite.

Dried Mahua flowers, Spices, Dry fruits, Ghee , Jaggery in the form of sweetener

Mahua cookies

A healthy snacks with nutritional value, Mahua Cookies are the best alternative for Maida cookies and biscuits.

Rich in iron, calcium, protein, Mahua Cookies is a perfect tasty, crispy snacks

Flour of dried Mahua flowers, Dark chocolate, Home-made butter

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