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Our Commitment to Bastar's Food Culture

Welcome to Bastar Food Firm, your gateway to the authentic flavors and cultural heritage of the Bastar region. We are dedicated to bringing you the finest selection of food products rooted in the rich traditions and practices of this vibrant land. Our mission is to provide you with a seamless online shopping experience while promoting local entrepreneurship, sustainability, and the preservation of age-old practices.

We recognize the importance of preserving and celebrating the unique food culture of Bastar. Our team is deeply rooted in the local area, and we understand the significance of traditional techniques, ingredients, and flavors. We work closely with local communities, artisans, and small-scale producers to source the highest quality food products that showcase the authentic essence of Bastar.

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Meet The Founder

Bastar food firm & consultancy services (BFFCS) is a start up venture started at Bastar District of Chhattisgarh state in 2017.It is a private venture Started by Shaikh Raziya to bring Food Technologies and Research & Development to the tribal belt of Bastar and surrounding areas of Chhattisgarh ,Odisha,Andhra Pradesh & Telangana.. This is to bridge the gaps in expertise BFFCS plans to provide training and consultancy services to the clients that may include the government, semi-Government & NGO’s, as well as Private sectors and provide a high level value added services focused on Human Resource Development in tune with the huge requirement of the Food Industry of Bastar region which is developing & growing rapidly.

Meet The Co-Founder

Guleshwari Thakur, a proud co-founder of Bastar Food Firm, hails from a rural area and possesses a deep understanding and appreciation for the tribal culture that permeates the Bastar region. With her academic background in Education, holding a Bachelor of Arts degree, Guleshwari has played a vital role in shaping our vision and driving the success of Bastar foods.

As a co-founder, Guleshwari holds a deep reverence for the age-old practices of the tribal communities in Bastar and is committed to preserving their invaluable knowledge. With an intimate understanding of the challenges faced by rural entrepreneurs, she has passionately connected with small-scale food businesses and artisans in the region.

Aim & Objective

• Bring growth and development in food sector for South Chhattisgarh.
• Hand hold support to new startups in food sectors.
• Creating a chain in between farmers, traders & consumers on the base of QA & QC.
• Work as a trouble shooter for growing industries.
• Fill the gap between the government and right beneficiary or start ups.
• Bringing all resources at one place .


• Development of skills in graduates and post graduates on food technology. & Promoting GMP, Quality assurance, Pacakaging & Labeling, Food laws and Audit Process.
• Implementation of strong food supply chain, Branding, Value assessment, Cash flow management, Commercialization & Marketing.
• Exploration of Ayurvadic Flora of forests.
• Bringing Awareness on nutrition & Health through Good Quality of Food.
• Maintain soft cultural values of Tribal community.
• Stop human migration & Labor Trafficking.
• Giving new tag line to Bastar in the zone of development.
• Women empowerment.